You may be questioning yourself if this COVID19 is going to make you give up on Upselling and Cross-selling in your Hotel.

The truth is that if you have to make so many changes and adapt so many new rules at the Front Desk, it could show a little hard to visualize how to keep making extra income, that represents aprox. a 5% of the total revenue of your hotel.

It is not the moment to refuse to one single cent after all the losses that your hotel has already said goodbye to. Creativity and alternative solutions is a “must” in this phase, if you want to recover as soon as possible.

We want to share with you GM’s, 6 Key Actions that you can just implement as soon as your hotel opens its doors.

1. A quality Upselling program keeps the offer absolutely linked to the clients needs. Therefor, the first step is to identify those new needs or priorities your new guest is going to request, and adapt your current Upselling offer to the new reality. Very important: Offer your guests an attractive supplement! You want them to consider that safety is worth a few more dollars.

2. The argument is a major factor. 80% of guests that say yes to the offer is because of a well told argument. So, most probably your current sales arguments are no longer valid, you should also adapt them to the guests new needs. Don’t forget that your guests should be able to identify two key points during the Upsell argument: 1) The benefit of his new experience and 2) the benefit of buying with a Rate Fence.

3. As you know, one of the most important aspects in the prevention of COVID19 is to avoid crowds and maintain the security distance. So now, more that ever, in Breakfast rooms, and Restaurants, you will have new operational tasks. If you have a Buffet Breakfast, serve á la carte, or even Room Service, we suggest to set a “section timetable” to fit your máx. capacity at a time. This timetable will also help you optimize while managing your staff shifts. While your Front Desk team upsells during check-in, you will know exactly at what time will each guest have breakfast, for example. This data is “gold” as it allows you to Up/Cross-sell
breakfast for each section of time in order to your hotels needs, in a way that you will be able to charge a guest an extra supplement if he desires to have breakfast during “bussy time”. But… never forget: The offer must be told with an impecable argument, so your guest does not receive it in a negative way.

4. Even though Front Desk will be able to Upsell , the Reservation Upsell alternative should be in mind. Having an Upselling Program for Reservations will surely be of great help. Guests will feel the comfort of having a human voice explaining all the doubts and giving new information (which now will be quite a lot) and also it is a fantastic moment to Upsell.

5. One of the big purposes of all hotel is to attract through their own website, as many bookings as possible. Anyhow, you should promote the Hotels Reservations Department also. So, in your hotel’s website front page you should include a “Call to Action”… something like: “If you have already booked, call us to Tel: XXXXX and we will help you out with your doubts / If you have not booked and still have some doubts, call us to Tel: XXXXXX and we will help you out”. Important fact here: Hotels Telephone Number should be in a very visible part of your website,
this will motivate your guests wether if they have already booked or not.

6. Point six is one of the most important actions that you can implement in this “new reality” and it is outsourcing Hotels Reservation Upsells. The thing is that if you outsource, you will not need more staff, you will have the best hotel upselling sellers, that will surely acheive a higher conversion ratio, and you will not have to pay a cent, unless you really make extra income.

We encourage you to implement these 6 points as soon as your hotel opens and you have clients coming in your door.

Remember, it is time to recover all the losses!

If you would like more information about Upsell Reservation Outsourcing or implementing an Upselling Program, or whatever help in making more revenue at your hotel, give us a call! We work worldwide!

Tel: 34 952227573

If you prefer to contact by e-mail, go ahead: info@upselling-consulting.com

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